Recoveries Management

Our management service allows the insurance recoveries recover the economic value that does not correspond pay when managing a claim is filed. At the start of the operation of a service, We started the process of recovery, since from this moment, We have the option to allocate part or[…]


The importance of cargo insurance in maritime transport

By law, all carriers are required to provide a minimum insurance, but it is limited insurance coverage. how dispatcher, You can and you must purchase an additional cargo insurance to ensure more complete protection for your goods. This insurance would cover possible damage to the load since it is in[…]


How to speed up the time of the accident

In most cases claims is necessary to access and consult frequently archived information. In others, It is the importance of the documents or the volume of information, which it encourages them to seek new innovative solutions that offer advantages and added value over traditional file systems and storage. In[…]

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