Advantages of shipping

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Shipping is, Despite the development of commercial aviation, the most widely used for international trade, because of the many benefits offered.


The main advantage of using shipping is cargo capacity. In a vessel can be transported many containers; the largest have a capacity of up to 18000 from them. When transporting bulk goods, that is to say, without containerization, ships have capacity for a 500000 TM (metric tons), this is used for liquid goods such as oil, for example.


International trade is mostly seaborne. Without shipping, international trade would not be possible at their current levels. It is estimated that 90% goods moving from one country to another is done by ships.

Competitive prices

Another important advantage is the economy, ocean freight rates have very low prices, compared to other transport, and that becomes more noticeable in large loads. For companies that move large quantity of goods is very important to seek alternatives that involve lower costs.


Shipping can carry all types of merchandise, not air transport, not allowing the liquid cargo or bulk. Seaway is the only option for transporting oil, for example, when it is not possible to land or pipelines.

Large coverage

The planet Earth is covered in two-thirds water, which means that shipping has many route options. Especially recommended for long distances, shipping can cover almost any path, Only in the case of countries landlocked, The supplement is needed by land or air.


The robustness of ships used in international trade, They are much less delays due to weather or weather conditions, ships are more reliable when completing a journey. The boats are equipped with high-tech devices to prevent, detect and solve problems that may arise regarding the safety of the goods.


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